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LESA Application/Registration Process

Coming to LESA? It is a multiple step process to be accepted.
  1. Choose a school – check the prerequisites before you enroll.
  2. Read the Policies and Procedures Handbook.
  3. Go to Eventbrite (link here) sign up for and pay for your class.
  4. Fill out the CAP application form at the drop down menu above. Send the complete form to: cheri.fischler@gmail.com  Cadets must also sign and send in the Behavioral Contact.
  5. Check the start dates for your school…they vary.
  6. Go to the Eventbrite site (http://www.eventbrite.com/e/lonestar-emergency-services-academy-tickets-10276197383) to register.

LESA 2014 Announcement

WORD IN TODAY – LESA, along with Texas Powered Flight Academy and Texas Glider Flight Academy, may now award the Cadet Special Activities Ribbon to participating Cadets.

The 2014 Lone Star Emergency Services Academy will be held 15-22 June (staff day 14) in Big Sandy, Texas, at the ALERT Academy. Our school, in its seventh year, has been sanctioned by Southwest Region, has been through the National Civil Air Patrol accreditation process and we are now a National Cadet Special Activity. We are very proud of this distinction and the LESA staff looks forward to opening our doors to CAP members from across the nation.

Our facility offers outstanding accommodations, classrooms, an airfield and many acres of woods for training. Once again we will have the newer, upgraded dorm rooms that will afford more privacy to our participants. To obtain the great rate we’ve negotiated, students must bring their own sheets, blankets, and towels.

The curriculum for each LESA School follows the task guides and SQTRs developed by CAP or expands them with nationally recognized curriculums from NASAR, Wilderness First Responder and Red Cross. Some schools have minimum-age requirements because of the level of academic commitment required to be successful, other training is governed by CAP regulations and is limited to individuals age 18 and up. Consult the application, NCSA site or webpage for age limitations and prerequisites.

Seniors may enroll through the NCSA site or on Eventbrite at any time. Cadets should apply first through NCSA, or after15 March through Eventbrite. NCSA applicants will be accepted first. All class vacancies will be filled after 15 March.

Cadets should be aware that Texas Wing has a “no phone” policy. If you bring your phone  you will be asked to turn it in at check in. It will be returned before graduation. Cadets are allowed time in the evening to make phone calls to family or friends. This policy is for the safety and privacy of all LESA participants.

Please review the Policies and Procedures Handbook for materials you will need to bring to LESA.

We know Big Sandy is a long trip for many of you. However, we’ll provide inbound or outbound sorties in CAP vehicles to cover the cost of fuel, and this should help make the trip easier. This should be arranged with the LESA Administrator, Lt Col Cheri Jennings,  two weeks in advance in order to get sorties into WMIRS.

Lone Star Emergency Services Academy offers a wider variety of class options at a more affordable price than other CAP academies, our facilities are outstanding, and we offer to cover transportation costs to the event. Why would you want to go anywhere else?